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"I believe technology should be (and can be) clear and direct — not complex and mystifying. Unfortunately, many 'experts' in the technology business believe in exercising their vocabularies which include large doses of jargon, acronyms, and confusing terms. Why? Because how can they be the 'expert' if things make sense to you?"


Don Lohse graduated with a BSEd in Journalism from Northern Illinois University in 1973. After teaching journalism and English in public school for a few years, he left to co-operate a graphics business with his wife Joyce for ten years. During that time, he started his involvement with computer technology, initially in 1979 with an Apple II+ computer purchased to do the accounting duties of the business. Technology played an increasing role in his professional life, and in 1987 he started doing freelance corporate computer training for a local computer company. Classes in computer systems and application programs were developed and delivered to employees of Hewlett-Packard and other corporate customers. At the same time he created and taught a Colorado-certified vocational multi-class training course in Desktop Publishing.

Continuing to broaden his technology skills, he earned a Masters degree in Educational Technology at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. This degree led to an 18 year career at Quark, Inc. in Denver, Colorado, first as a technical trainer, then as Product Manager of the corporate flagship product, QuarkXPress. Following his work on QuarkXPress, he was given the responsibility of bringing a new server-based publishing product from concept to market release. In 2003 Quark Dynamic Document Server (later renamed QuarkXPress Server) was released and he spent the next five years managing the product through seven upgrade cycles and commercial success. Don left Quark in 2009.

These years of software and hardware technology immersion in the computer industry led Don to start building computer systems, and to critically examine and evaluate the functionality, usability, and value of consumer software applications. This activity is a continuing (and never-ending) source of new knowledge and enjoyment. This website is the latest example of evaluating and implementing state-of-the-art software.

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